Window Sashes

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Window Sashes

If you are one of those people who doesn’t know anything about window sashes there’s no need to fret because you are just one of the many individuals who are stumped and equally clueless. Of course one would assume that window sashes are a component of a window, but what are they really?

Window sashes are principally the frames of the window that surround and encase the glass. They can be made from different materials such as wood and plastic. There are basically four types of window sashes available in the market today. Here is some useful information that you could use in the future when you’re faced with the inevitability of replacing your window sashes.

Picture Windows

These are the most common type of window sash, and there is a great chance that this is also the type that you have right now in your living room window or in any other room in your house. It had been around way back in the early 70’s and is still commonly used in most residential structures up to now. Picture windows usually have two to three glass panes; the more modern versions now have side panes that allow you to swing the windows outward to permit some air to flow into the rooms.

Double Hang Sashes

This variety of window sash is also commonly found in bedrooms and kitchens and have the appearance of being stacked up one atop another. The sashes can be moved up and down to open the frames halfway.

Swinging Casement

This type of window sash is slowly gaining popularity in the more contemporary structures of residential houses. Most owners prefer to have this variety since it is significantly easier to open and close, in comparison to the first two types discussed in the preceding paragraphs. It commonly has a lever or sometimes a crank apparatus and some window fasteners or latches to securely close the window. You can also chose between sashes that can either swing in or out.

Swing Windows

This type of window have similar varieties of sashes that are found in the double hung sashes, but the difference is that it swings from side to side instead. This usually have two to three sashes that slides one on top of another to open and allow ventilation. These windows can usually be found in basements and residential houses that were built a few decades ago.

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