Window Cornice

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Window Cornice

There are many ways to beautify your windows and make them more attractive. Window boxes with colorful potted flowers and plants make the windows appear lovely from the outside. If it is not enough, garden windows can be installed to make it lusher and abundantly decorated with ornamental plants. Window trims while not only supporting the foundation of the windows also add elegance. Putting window cornice is another way of adorning your windows this time from the interior.

Window cornice is a wooden fixture with a variety of designs mounted on the windows from which cloth shades can be hung. It is carved with some ornate designs. Some are painted with bright colors while others are varnished to retain the original color and that the grain of the wood could be appreciated. The use of wooden cornice dated some centuries ago when royalties embellished their palaces’ windows with preciously woven fabrics as drapes.

You can do window cornice like the window trim on your own. There are plenty of designs that you can get from magazines and books depending on the theme that you want to achieve. You can also paint each design to make the window cornice look more eye-catching. This way you do not only redecorate your home specifically your window you are also honing the innovative genius in you. It only needs a little inventiveness in creating your own window cornice.

Making your own window cornice can save you a lot of money. It also allows you to get the exact design, style and dimension that you want for your cornice. It minimizes the need to let strangers to get into your abode just to do the job for you. This way pay your protecting your property from any undesirable people.

There are other ways to make your window cornice good-looking. It has been proven time and again that wallpaper is the most sought after decorating means. With its colorful and varied designs, they too are used in dressing-up your window cornice. Using wallpaper for your window cornice can help achieve a unified design for your window in particular and your room in general. Everything will compliment with each component.

In installing the window cornice, it is a must that it can carry the weight of the curtain and the curtains too. The cornice should be strong enough so you can change your curtains to a much heavier drape especially with the changing of seasons thicker drapes are suited for the cold days of winter. Likewise thinner curtains are intended for hot summertime.

You can always revolutionize the way you make your own cornice for your windows. You’ll never know this might lead you to a more profitable business in the future.

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