Window Candles Offer Warmth Tradition And Security

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Window Candles Offer Warmth Tradition And Security

Many people think that window candles show style and refinement, but they very often ignore or simply don’t know the window candle tradition. It is true that its long history back to the Colonial times of the United States is now fallen into oblivion, but the symbolism of this tradition is very touching and dear to many. The window candle was used to show the warmth and security of a home, as well as the loyalty of the family members for those not present.

Where it all started

The window candle tradition is very much related to the symbolism of the fire in the old times. It suggests warmth and security from the dangers of a challenging and very often unfriendly world. Fire and subsequently the candle in the window are associated with home meals – as we need fire to cook – and with the family hearth stability. Not only in the American tradition, but in other cultures as well, a window candle was used as a outward support and loyalty sign of the family for one beloved member traveling.

The light of the candle is more the a way to keep the person vivid in the family’s memory, but also a guide in his or her path. It lets that person know that he or she is dearly waited for. However, the window candle also used to indicate the place where a religious service would take place, a custom used in Ireland in times of war. Furthermore, in Colonial America, a candle burning in the window announced some sort of celebration or a birthday for a specific day. There are places where window candles are burned in the windows of businesses at Christmas.

Modern day window candles

Nowadays, there are even electric window candles, very popular at Christmas, but celebrating the very same warmth and security of a loving family home. The candles burning at the window on Christmas Eve are more sophisticated and complexly decorated than the regular window candles.

It is well-known that those who use candles at their windows, very often go for large tapers, that are exactly the kind of candles that fit tradition. Besides the welcoming atmosphere they also suggest peace and an inviting elegance. Depending on your intention, you can either buy such candles from a regular gift shop or purchase them on the Internet and have them home-delivered.

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