Stone Siding

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Stone Siding

If you’ll try to look at the monuments and temples of the ancient societies, like that in Rome and Greece, you will notice that stones are the most commonly used building material. People of the early societies have considered stones for several good reasons, one of the most common is that stones do not only serve as a good home decorative, but help protect and make the foundation strong. Of the available building materials, stone is by far the most durable.

Being so durable and strong, stones are now considered by many builders and homeowners as one valuable type of siding. Stone sidings are now marketed throughout the world in different styles, sizes, shapes, and even colors. They are made from granite, slate, limestone, or other forms and each has its own capability to boast beauty and strength. It is for this myriad of choices that stone houses you often see in your neighborhood and outside your city now come in all forms and appearances.

A stone siding is also known by the term “brick siding”. It is considered throughout the construction industry as a line of defense to the exterior part of the house. Builders and homeowners who use it often install a stone siding with veneers applied every stone thick. And if you are much concerned as to how the stone sidings are installed on the walls and sides of the house, just note that just like the rest of siding, they are installed with the use of sheathing. Professional builders and developers know this for sure.

The stone sidings typically come with a pricey price. The price generally varies depending on the supplier you are considering, but most of the time, they are extremely high. It is this fact actually that prompts people to consider siding options like vinyl, aluminum and wood. But to meet the ever growing public demands for more affordable types of durable siding, several companies now develop sorts of faux stone sidings many people used to call as “cultured stone sidings”. The cultured stone sidings are basically synthetic stone veneer materials that look like a real stone. However, since they are veneer, it is common for this affordable alternative to be lighter. It is even easy to install and is deemed perfect for all sorts of application. Today, they are offered in natural colors, ranging from white to black. The texture also varies from smooth to rough. All of these options are offered simply for one reason – to provide the people all the possible choices for making their homes worth looking and worth entering.

So with all the choices available for stone siding, whether natural or synthetic, making your home attractive is not a matter to be worried. If cost is not an issue to you, then you can consider the natural options, and you can even contact some professionals to fix all your house needs.

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