Roofing Tiles

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Roofing Tiles

Building your dream house greatly relies on a number of aspects such as location, area restriction and budget, among other things. This is basically the same with choosing the perfect roof to suit your preference. There are a multitude of roofing materials available in the market today. Contemporary roofing styles are a fusion of traditional elements and modern technology.

Roofing tiles are often overlooked when building a new home or making major renovations on existing roofs. But it is important to choose the best roof tile that would best compliment your home. Roofing tiles come in many varieties – whether shingle, shake or slate, you are sure to find a roofing tile to enhance the look and feel that you want your home to exude. When determining the total cost incurred for new roofing, the price should not only be the main determining factor. The durability and longevity of the materials should be held with equal importance. Homeowners should also take into account the guarantee of the material and the maintenance cost.

Plastic roofing tiles are getting more popular because of its significant advantages over traditional roofing tile materials such as wood, ceramic, or slate. The lightweight quality, low cost, durability makes it more appealing to builders, architects and homeowners.

Clay roofing tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and in glazed and matte finish that does not fade out easily. Clays are environmentally friendly and basically maintenance free. These tiles can last up to several decades and can even be recycled.

If you prefer wooden roof tiles, cedar would be the ideal choice. It is popular for its durability and resistance to insect damage. It lends a homey, country feel to homes and can last from 15 to 40 years. Its durability mainly depends on the climate. Wind and rain cause wood shingles to erode over a period of time. There is also a need to regularly monitor your roofs for cracked or damaged shingles, especially after a severe storm.

If you want a fire resistant roof, then concrete tiles should be top on your list. These roofing tiles are durable and inexpensive. However, the added weight of the concrete material requires structural reinforcements.

Keep in my mind all these information when shopping for roof tiles. Take time to painstakingly find the best material to adorn your home. After all, you’ll probably live under that roof for most part of your life.

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