Log Vinyl Siding

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Log Vinyl Siding

Everybody’s into this log cabin cult, thanks to movies like the Alamo and such. Log cabins, it seems are the favorite of many, their association of the American history, colonial American history particularly even with the presence of colonial style architecture, remains strong. And other various instances, like the depiction of the Marlboro man, along with the hunting culture, remain true as a rough frontier life; the way Americans love to portray themselves.

The only disheartening fact is that materials for log cabins and log homes are expensive. And they need constant meticulous maintenance for them to survive several years. They seem to attract hordes of insects as well, even with the natural insect repellant resin found in coniferous woods.

You might want to choose log vinyl siding, by the way, as a substitute for wood. Renowned manufacturers of vinyl create log vinyl sidings that faithfully resemble wood, even to its imperfections. The log vinyl siding, though only resemble as far as visuals go (and shorter distance can as well mark out the difference clearly), they are 100% maintenance free, needs only conventional soap and water cleaning periodically, and durable to most elements. Some designs that employ Styrofoam do insulate the place better than conventional wood.

Still not convinced? Here are some better leads that should paint the convincing picture to you.

Parker’s Midwest’s Log Vinyl Siding at www.vinyllogsiding.com/productinfo.html

Check it out, vinyl made log looking. Log vinyl siding offered here comes with several designs: Original Warm Cedar, Harvest Brown, and Timber Wolf Gray

Resource Materials Corp Log Cabin Panel at www.resourcematerialscorp.com

It’s from Timbermill®. This Timbermill® Log Cabin Panel replicates log materials even natural imperfect widths.

Sisson Log Homes at www.sissonloghomes.com

Sisson Log Homes is renowned for bringing excellently crafted log cabin vinyl sidings complete with the accompanying accessories and fitting should you choose. So, you can even choose how the vinyl log should look or fit, “D” logs for a more rounded appearance, Dovetail square logs that still have rounded outward appearance but cut to fit along edges, or even a custom made “D” or Dovetail but having a tongue and groove fittings as well as drywall fitting. Aside from that, you can purchase from them log fasteners and other fittings and accessories that are conventionally use in most log home construction.

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